Child v. Adolescent v. Adult

Sometimes we fall short. When we fall short, we sometimes become depressed and ill because we feel like we’ve failed. As a child we get punished for our mistakes, as an adolescence we begin to learn from life and as adults we learn that life itself punishes us. Or at least we like to think, huh?

When all else fails we tend to become timid; afraid rather. Backs are against the wall, to the point where there’s no turning at all. When reality throws a punch we tend to duck, but what happens when there’s a fist full of punches coming at one time? Rhetorical question some would say 🙄. There’s 75% of us that can handle such pressure, there’s about 9.5% that fold (lose control) under pressure and there’s this tiny bit left of us that suffer. When I say “SUFFER” I mean mentally!

Mentally we like to think that we’re ok because some of us consider ourselves STRONG. It’s always ok to KNOW and think we’re strong but when you’re mentally suffering, the strength we THOUGHT we had magically disappears (wa-lahhhhh), tuh, crazy right! Typically, this is the point where a mental breakdown may occur which tends to the leeeeeeeeaaaad….. to the most disgusting words 🤮 “DEPRESSION” “ANXIETY” “INSOMNIA” .. etc, etc.

The disgusting words are real tho. Many of us women, well according to stats, women are the most humans to suffer “DePrEsSiOn” along with other mood deficiencies. Along with the D word we are well known to be targeted due to the fact that we show our weakness as the D word occur. Depression is known to occur from days to weeks depending on the person, and it may vary upon the cause.

Not knowing how to deal with things of such will sometimes lead to self destruction, crime, violence and even SUICIDE.

Life itself is beautiful, everything behind life is beautiful.

Me, Jazmine, the author of #QueenBlog, is a depression victim myself. I myself go through such disgusting moments. People may call me crazy but this life on earth is not easy at all and we all go through “THE STORM” once perhaps a couple of times, but this is where you differentiate yourself between an ADOLESCENCE or an ADULT.

Adolescences are children that’s beginning to transition into an young adult. Both know and are taught right from wrong but one KNOW. I said that to say this, YOU HAVE TO BE STRONGER THAN YOUR MIND OR YOU’RE GOING TO END UP LOSING YOURSELF. Depression or any other mood deficiencies can and will bring out the worst in ANYBODY but sooner than later WE have to overcome our past because that’s what’s holding us back. Everything we’ve done wrong to everyone who’s done us wrong is our worst enemy, sometimes our mind is our worst enemy.

“An idled mind is the devils playground”

This is not the ending of this topic, I actually want feedback and inputs. What are y’all thoughts? Am I the only one? Are you ready?


#QueenBlog #DepressionSucks

I get it I get it it’s not as easy as it MAY sound but I’m trying it out myself.

I’m looking for positive things to do (such #QueenBlog ). I’m looking into outside activities where I can interact. Interacting and getting out are ways to get your mind off the things that caused self destruction. My mission is to PREVENT suicidal thoughts, violence, self harm and anything else that may’ve been a trigger to being FORCED to becoming dEpReSsEd.